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Finextra’s NextGen Banking Nordics will bring together industry leaders from traditional and new banks, established and startup fintechs, investors and other key stakeholders to explore key topics around the future banking landscape through a series of keynotes, panel sessions and breakouts.

08.00-09.00 Registration and networking

Christoffer Hernæs, Chief Digital Officer, Skandiabanken ASA
Rasmus Järborg, Chief Strategy Officer, SEB
Tabitha Cooper, Strategic Business developer, Nordea
Whether the financial industry wants it or not, open banking is (almost) here. Open banking will drive digital transformation and innovation - and will revolutionise both how customers access financial services and the way in which they are delivered digitally, and in real-time. Open banking will famously create more competition through the use of open APIs and data sharing - but it will also create new opportunities for financial services firms, old and new. On the eve of the era of open banking, this panel will debate the readiness of banks - and their customers - for this change, explore the challenges industry players need to tackle to be successful in open banking, and examine how collaboration between banks and fintechs feeds into the evolving open banking future.

Gunnar Berger, Head of Open Banking, Nordea
Malin Eliasson, Head of Business Development, SEB Digital Banking
Emma Heimonen, Head of Digital Innovation, Swedbank
Ilkka Ruotsila, Nordic & Baltic Regional Director, Deposit Solutions
Karianne Undrum Melleby, Head of Open Banking and Strategic Partnerships, DNB
Moderator: Matthew Argent, Founder & CEO, Stockholm Fintech Hub
With January 2018 just around the corner, it’s time for financial institutions to unveil some of the new propositions they have been working on in preparation for open banking. Hear from leading financial institutions and their partners about some of the real-life innovations they are building for the new digital age.

Gunnar Berger, Head of Open Banking, Nordea

10.45-11.15 Coffee break and networking

January 2018 is not the end of PSD2, but the start of a roadmap to deliver new technical standards, strong customer authentication and secure communication to a series of timescales. This keynote will recap the milestones in the lead-up to PSD2, and in its wake, exploring what follows when PSD2 comes into force.

Lars Sjögren, Global Head of Transaction Banking, Danske Bank
If open banking is the outcome, PSD2 is one of the main mechanisms to bring it about. On top of the business implications of the new directive, financial institutions are also currently grappling with a range of technical demands imposed by PSD2. Innovation can’t come at a cost to safety, and the banks remain responsible for ensuring the security and robustness of banking operations and transactions - even while the regulatory drive to openness creates new potential vulnerabilities and threats. As the PSD2 deadline advances, this panel will explore how well the industry is progressing with the key building blocks of secure communication and strong customer authentication, and ask where the gaps are - and what can be done to fill them.

Amilla Bäck, Senior Business Developer, Payments Industry, Nordea
Lars Rutberg, Senior Legal Advisor, Payments & Clearing, Swedish Bankers' Association
Lars Sjögren, Global Head of Transaction Banking, Danske Bank
Petri Syvänne, Payments Industry Expert
Digital identity is a crucial underpinning for every aspect of nextgen banking, from fraud management to frictionless customer experiences to safe information sharing via open APIs - and banks must ensure that digital identity evolves to create the services needed for digital ecosystems to work safely and securely. This panel will explore the different approaches banks can take to digital identity as a service and a business opportunity, the state of play with digital identity across Europe, and what more needs to be done to ensure this vital enabler of nextgen banking develops in the right way going forward.

12.50-14.00 Lunch and networking

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in its many forms is not new to banking, but due to a perfect storm of factors its use is poised to explode. Sharing of transaction data, compliance demands, personalised customer services, fraud identification and knowledge-based solutions all drive the use of AI and machine learning - and being able to collect, analyse and apply science to how data is managed and value is created is key grow business opportunities. Hear from leading financial institutions and their partners about how they are taking the latest AI technologies out of the lab and into production.
Time and again we hear that the biggest challenge banks face in achieving digital transformation is not one of technology, but one of culture. A significant step in the execution of banks’ transformation projects has to be the creation of new organisational structures, because, while delivering greater efficiency and customer focus through innovation drives strategic advantage, it also challenges current conventions, as banks shift from product centric to customer centric approaches. This panel will explore the challenges banks face in moving to the agile structures required to align process, people and technology - and ask how they can be overcome to enable banks to transform their businesses for the digital age.

Line Degner, Chief People Officer, Nordea

15.00-15.30 Coffee break and networking

Ewan MacLeod, Chief Digital Officer, Nordea
The implications of digitalisation and open banking in the retail business have been much discussed, but what are the drivers for digital transformation across transaction banking as a whole? Are banks’ commercial customers also looking for innovative banking services driven by real-time, openness and information sharing? Do transaction banks face the threat of disintermediation by new entrants? How well are they doing in leveraging innovations like real-time payments and fintech to exploit the potential of digital, and have they got to grips with what tomorrow’s customers will want from their payments processing providers, and how to respond? This panel will explore the evolving requirement for transaction banks to digitally transform - asking how well they are doing so far, and what more they need to do to secure their relevance in the transaction banking business of the future.

Paul Francis Walvik-Joynt, Engagement Director, Nets
Henrik Bergman, Deputy Director Financial Infrastructure, Swedish Bankers' Association
The financial industry’s vision of what customers want from nextgen banks is peppered with a plethora of buzzwords. We hear that banking must be ‘frictionless’ and ‘personalised’ and ‘omnichannel’ - and that to compete nextgen banks must have both the right business model and the right technology in place. Are these features what customers really want? Do they want new and different services from their banks? How are their requirements set to evolve over the coming years as digitalisation and open banking become more widespread? Do customers believe they will continue to need banks? And are banks even close to being able to respond to the needs of their customers in the digital age? This panel will ask how well banks know their customers, explore the blocking factors to giving them what they want now - and in the future - and look at the elements banks need to put in place to develop winning strategies for the new reality.

Johan Lundberg, Founding Partner & CEO, NFT Ventures

17.00-18.00 Drinks and networking

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